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In the Beginning

"In the beginning of G-d's creating the heavens and the earth - when the earth was astonishingly empty, with darkness upon the surface of the deep, and the Divine Presence hovered upon the surface of the waters - G-d said, "Let there be light," and there was light."  This is the translation of Genesis 1:1-3 according to the Hebrew text.  It presents a slightly different view of the opening of the creation of the world and of the concept of creation.  Jewish people see creation as a continuing event.  Creation was not what happened thousands of years ago; it is what is happening every moment of every day.

The portion continues through the creation of man and woman and their fall.  It tells us about the 187 year life of Methuselah, the 500 year life of Noah and it concludes with Genesis 6:8, when G-d judges the people and condemns us to destruction.  Next week is the story of Noah.

But, this week's portion raises more questions than answers.  It opens with the creation of light on the first day and the creation of the sun on the forth.  So, what was the light created on day one? Some teach that it was Jesus, who later declared Himself to be "the Light of the world."  But, if you believe as I do, that Y'shua is G-d, incarnate then He is not a created being.

Angels, on the other hand are created beings.  When were they created?   In Genesis 6, there is discussion of 'the sons of G-d" seeing the "daughters of man" and finding them beautiful.  In Hebrew, however, the phrase "sons of G-d" does not appear; rather, they are referred to as "the sons of the rulers."  Some teach that these "sons of G-d" refers to angels.  The Rabbis teach that the sons of men represents the common people and that the "daughters of rulers" refers only to royal born people.

Questions, questions, questions.  In preparation for this week's teaching, I have been turning these questions over in my mind all week.  Since I am a rabbi, it is my job to stimulate you to think and to ask questions for yourself.  Paul taught the Bereans to search the scripture to be certain of what he taught.  This week, it is a new beginning and I challenge you to pray and to search the word of G-d for Truth.  I challenge you to commit to spend more time in the word of G-d than watching TV.  I challenge you to seek the L-rd where He may be found; in His Holy Word.

Keep praying.

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