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The Clans of Judah Series

There are many within the Body today who are enamored of the idea that the Tribe of Ephraim represents Gentile who are grafted into the tree of Israel in some special fashion.  Among those who teach this are some who have gone so far as to elude that there may be some connection between the exiled Israelites from the Northern Kingdom and their own apparently Gentile ancestors.  These Israelites-come-lately have taken a variety of names and faces throughout the years.  Some have called themselves Brit-Am, bringing England into the heritage of Israel, others have stretched so far as to indicate that Danish people are the descendants of the tribe of Dan, that American Indians are some of the lost tribes of wandering Jews and that others scattered around the globe have a direct lineage to the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Others have adopted the nom-de-plum of Ephraimites, to associate themselves as Gentiles with a special place in the land and in the promises of G-d, which He made specifically to Israel.  One aspect of their position is that Ephraim’s mother was a Gentile and, according to the law of Israel, the child of a Gentile woman is a Gentile, regardless of the father’s position in Israel.  Yes, that is true today.  In fact, that has been the case since the times of Ezra.  However, it was certainly not the case in the days of Ephraim’s birth!  Ephraim was born and raised and lived and died as a member of the people of Israel!

These so-called Ephraimites take upon themselves a position without Biblical foundation and that is, I fear, too easily exaggerated into a position of replacing those to whom the promises were actually given.  Not one would admit to a position of replacement theology, I dare say, but it is just too close for the comfort of this true inheritor’s comfort. 

My only position in this matter is Biblical and from the text of scripture, I find that these pseudo-Jews have taken up the wrong position by far.  By ascribing the position of Ephraimites to themselves and the role of Judah to the true Israel, they have crossed the connections attributed to each role in the Holy Writ.

Let’s examine this in light of the word of G-d and not of the position papers and popular books and tapes of the day. 

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