Ki Tavo

The Torah portion this week is from Deuteronomy 26:1 through 29:9 and deals with "when you come," which is what the title means.  In it, G-d instructs His people that when they receive the promise He has given them, that they should not forget from whence it came.  He required them to give the first fruit of the land as an offering to the one whom He had placed in authority as the Kohen.  The Priest would then present the first fruit as a sacrifice to the L-rd.

He further instructs His people to give to the Levites, those who serve in the House of Worship, to the orphan and to the widow.  But, among those for whom He decrees provision, He includes the proselyte.  Yes, it is the responsibility of G-d's people to feed those whom come to Him from a distant place.  Too often we spend vast amounts of time, effort and resources in making a proselyte; to convert one lost soul.  Although this is a noble venture, it is only the beginning of our responsibility as followers of the True and Living G-d.  We must feed them, first with milk of the basics of faith and then, as they grow, with strong meat.  My task has been, for years, to feed those whom He has called and whom He is raising up to serve Him. This message is one such meal.

It may be difficult for some to digest.  You must bring the first fruit of your produce to the L-rd and in addition to doing that, you must feed those "Baby Christians" and those who are still growing in their walk with Him.  Feeding means more than just paying your tithe and giving an offering; it means giving your life in the work of raising up Believers so that all may become strong enough to feed others.

Too often preachers speak blessings from this portion on their flock.  Words such as "You shall be the head and not the tail;" or "Blessed shall you be as you go in and bless shall you be as you go out" are readily applied to our friends and our prayer partners.  But, unless we walk in obedience to G-d's instruction, to His Torah, we are not the recipients of these blessings.

The final words of Moses to Israel is recorded in the final words of this portion.  His words to them are the best advise for you and for me.  He closed his instruction to Israel by saying, "So keep the words of this covenant to do them, that you may prosper in all that you do."

Shabbat shalom.
Keep praying.