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Genesis 41:1 through 44:17 brings the finale to the story of Joseph and of his salvation of his family from the famine in Israel.  Pharaoh has a dream and no one can interpret it.  His cupbearer and his baker had their dreams interpreted in prison by Joseph so that tell Pharaoh about him.  Joseph is brought before the king and not only interprets the dream, but first reveals what the dream was and then gives the meaning of it.  The king of all Egypt and its possessions sees the anointing of G-d upon Joseph and enlists him to oversee the entire kingdom during the tough times predicted in the dream.  Joseph, once again, does far and above what anyone could have imagined and he is made the Viceroy or Prime Minister of the empire, second only to Pharaoh.

The famine in Canaan forces Jacob to send his remaining sons to Egypt to find food.  There, they run into; you guessed it, Joseph.  Of course, they haven't seen him in years and he now looks Egyptian, so they do not recognize him, but he knows exactly who they are.  Then, in Genesis 42:6, Joseph's dreams come true.  His brothers bow to the ground before him.

Then, Joseph devises a plan to force his family to be reunited.  The remaining chapters detail the plan that will not be fulfilled until next week.  This week's lesson is short but sweet.  Be aware of those who come to you in your business, and of those to whom you go.  Perhaps the connection is for a purpose beyond what either you or they have in mind.  Who knows the plans of G-d?

Have a happy and blessed Chanukah as you dedicate yourselves again to the G-d of Israel and to His Messiah, Y'shua.

Keep praying.

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