Messianic Messages Mission Statement

Messianic Messages was incorporated in 1984 as a teaching ministry with a call to disciple the Church.  Our aim is to connect Christians around the world with the G-d of Israel, the land of Israel, and the people of Israel.  Living in Israel for five years allowed us to develop relationships with the land and the people which gave us insight into their hearts, understanding of their needs, and a passion to see all Israel saved.

The first step in our ministry is to help Christians understand that their spiritual heritage is in Israel.  However, this is only the beginning of the journey that the Body of Messiah must make on its path toward fulfilling the plan of the L-rd for the salvation of Israel. 

Christians who accept their "Jewish Roots must then learn that not only is their heritage in Israel, but so is their destiny.  The future of the Church is inextricably intertwined in the future of Israel.  "Salvation has come to the Gentiles to provoke Israel to jealousy, wrote Paul to the Church of Rome, and indeed, to the entire predominantly Gentile Church of today.  But how to accomplish this remains a mystery to most called to a part in G-d's plan that "all Israel shall be saved.

Messianic Messages is a missionary organization; our mission is to the Church.  Although not directly involved in the salvation of Israel, this is our heart's desire.  To accomplish this, Rabbi Marty Cohen, the director of this ministry, labors in his calling, to be "a light to the Gentiles according to Isaiah 49:6. 

He brings this light through his teaching from the New Testament with the perspective of the original audience of Jewish people who followed the Messiah as he does.  His explanation of Old Testament scripture brings life to text too often regarded as dead by Christians and by their teachers.

His style is light, even when the message is not.  His delivery keeps the attention of all who hear him and his message changes the lives of many.  He comes to churches of every denomination with high regard for the pulpit in which he stands.  His only requirement is a glass of water at the pulpit and a love offering.  He enjoys sharing the books he has written, some recorded messages, and items from Israel that usually bless many to whom he is sent.  If away from his home near Fort Worth, Texas, a simple motel room and travel expenses are appreciated.  Marty loves to teach those with open ears whose hearts are open to receive a word from the L-rd that will bring Christians closer to the G-d of Israel, the land of Israel, and the people of Israel. 

He is available by email at rabbimarty@gmail.com
or by telephone at 877-679-9527.