Please pray...

Please pray...
For the peace of Jerusalem.  Pray that the Prince of Peace will soon come to rule and reign in the lives of all Jewish and Arab people who live in this city whose very name, Yerusahlyim means City of Shalom.

Pastor Eddie from Kenya... Thank you for restraining the spiritual forces of the sorcerers and witches continually bringing curses on his congregation and on his family.  Watching our teaching is one of the most encouraging things they do every week.
Sandra...Praise G-d for the new job that HE has waiting for my husband Keith.
Diana... Thank you for a job that allows me to keep Shabbat and G-d's appointed times...
Cyndi...Thank you for guidance in my career path and to draw closer to G-d.
Denise... Thank you for health and better finances.
Suzanne... Thank you for making Your path for me clear.  I am rejoicing in the strength & healing that is coming stronger every day.
Maya... Thank you for the salvation of my elderly and ill Jewish father.
Orvie . . . Thank you for the salvation of my Jewish husband Adolph.
Janice.... Thank you for G-d granting salvation for my entire family.
Ken & Cathy... Thank you for the salvation of both of our mothers would get saved and embrace a Messianic walk with the L-rd.
Margaret . . . Thank you that my husband will come to faith in Y'shua¦
Kelly... Thank you for salvation of my husband.
Erin... Thank you for the salvation of my husband, Ben.

Doris... Thank you for complete healing of Pastor Phil and Eric; and for healing Cindy from cancer and for the good report about Larry's healing. Thank you for healing Ray's herniated disc; for healing Penny entirely from MS; and for the kidney transplant for Holly .
Rabbi . . .  Thank you Abba for allowing Carol to leave this world just as she desired; from home with no pain.  Thank You for continuing to give me strength to serve You and to maintain a life that honors You.  Join me as I  pray for every aspect of our ministry to flow in right order and that each step we take will draw us closer to HaShem and to His plans and purposes for this work.  Abba, thank you for revealing Karen as b'shert sheli lazman hazeh, the woman who will complete my destiny for the last part of my life.  Thank you for making this the best part of my life.