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This week's parasha is called Terumah which means "offering". It is the account of Moses commanding the children of Israel to bring a portion of all that they have as an offering to the L-rd and it tells exactly how the Tabernacle should be built. Nothing was left to chance or to the design of men; G-d gave Moses exact plans for every little detail.

Today, my message will focus on only one detail; that of the poles that were to be made a separate pieces of the arc of the covenant, but that were to never be removed. Carrying this arc was no easy task; it would be been so much easier if G-d had instructed them to make some beautiful wheels upon which it would roll as they traveled for all those years. But G-d had something else in mind. You se, in ancient times, rulers were always carried by strong men in palanquins, platforms ornately decorated that was born on the shoulders of strong men. G-d insisted that He too be lifted high above the children of Israel as to be continually worshipped by them.

When you see most replicas of the arc, you notice that the poles are affixed toward the top of the arc. This would allow the weight of the load to be centered between the men carrying it and make it seem lighter than it was. But, according to scripture, this is not the place of the poles at all. No, they were to be affixed to the feet of the sacred box. The entire weight of the arc was lifted high above the people who walked beside it and its presence was seen by those far off as well as those who were nearby.

Nothing was ever higher than the Presence of G-d, and that is our lesson today. We carry our Bibles sometimes, usually in a pretty case or under our arms. No one really notices it. And we carry the Presence of G-d hidden in our hearts, so that only the few we are "led" to share with every know whom we follow. Beloved, it is time to lift up the Presence of G-d high enough that no one can miss Him. We must live so that He is evident in everything we do and in everyplace we go. No more sneaking into places where we don't want to be recognized, the Presence of G-d is high above us and He shall be made known everywhere He leads us. Raise up His Presence so that no one may ever fall behind or become lost along the way.

Keep praying.


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