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This week's Torah portion is from Exodus 27:20 through 30:10 and it deals with the ordination of Aaron and his sons for the service of G-d as His priests.  Inasmuch as we are the priests of the L-rd in this time, perhaps we should pay special attention to this passage.  It begins with G-d's instruction to keep a light lit at all times in front of the veil which hid the Presence of HaShem.  It seems a bit odd that the parashah begins at the end of a chapter, but I think that this is a very important detail that G-d did not want us to overlook as we read it as a closing, so He made it His opening remark.

Most of the passage deals with the making of the garments and with the sacrifices required, but there are a couple of interesting details that may seem obscure and inconsequential, but these little gems are often the overlooked points that make such a difference in our walk.  Keeping the light lit is certainly an important aspect of our role as priests.  So is the last instruction given in this portion.  It deals with the burning of incense.  Revelation calls our prayers a savory incense in the nostrils of HaShem.  Certainly this is a major obligation of the priesthood that we must fulfill.

One last little detail that I have a particular interest in is found in the central part of the parashah.  It is in chapter 29 verse 7 & 8 that we find, "Then you shall take the anointing oil and pour it on his head and anoint him."  You do know about the oil that we blend according to the only recipe in the Bible.  That oil is made exclusively for the priests and it is the very oil that was commanded by G-d to be used in the ordination of Aaron.  It is the oil spoken of in Psalm 133 as the oil that runs down Aaron's beard to the fringe of his garments.

This is not a commercial for oil, rather, it is a very pointed remark that even though Aaron had been chosen by G-d and had been set apart for His service; only when he had the anointing was he considered ready for that service.  Too often, we fail to minister to the L-rd although we may be fully anointed to do so.  Too often, we expect our pastors to function in many ways that are not consistent with his anointing.

Once the priest was anointed and properly dressed, he was able to make the acceptable sacrifice to make atonement for his own sin, the sin of his household and only then, could he make the sacrifice for the sin of the nation.  Baruch haShem; Y'shua has made all of the sacrifice required for us, for our households and even for the nation and for the world.  We must operate in His anointing and accept our role as His priest, representing the people before Him in intercession and representing Him to the people in our daily walk of witness.

We must keep the Light of the world shining brightly and must allow fragrant incense to ascend into the very Nostrils of G-d in heaven every morning and every evening.  We are His priests and we have all of the anointing that He requires if we will only walk in His way and rise up to call Him blessed.
Shabbat shalom.



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