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Leviticus 6:1-8:36 is the source of our study this week.  The Parasha is called Tzav and it come from the first verse on the text in which G-d speaks to Moses and instructs him to Command Aaron and his sons in regards to the burnt offerings.  Although scholars estimate that the altar of this Tabernacle was used for 116 years and the fire burned continuously, the thin copper over-layer never melted and its wooden structure was never burned or even charred!

When we walk in obedience to the instruction of the L-rd, everything we use in our worship is sanctified and made indestructible.  In chapter 8 verses 10 through 12, Moses anointed the Tabernacle, every implement in its use, and finally, he anointed Aaron to sanctify them and set them apart for the service of the L-rd.

Exodus 30 deals with the blending of the oil used by Moses for this holy purpose.  Verse 29, in talking about anointing the Tabernacle and all of the tools therein tells us "You shall also consecrate them, that they may be most holy; whatever touches them shall be holy."  Not only were they made holy, but they were made to impart holiness to everything that touched them.  What a holy G-d we serve; that He can instruct us in the way to blend holy anointing oil; to take what is common as olive oil, and by blending it with certain ingredients, to make it so holy that it imparts holiness to anything that touches what it has touched.

Since Y'shua has made every sacrifice that is required, I will not belabor this teaching further.  But, since it is Purim, I do hope you will read the lesson about this important festival celebrated with great joy.  It is, like Passover, a celebration of deliverance from planned extinction of the Jewish people.

Who knows if perhaps you were brought in to the Kingdom for such a time as this???

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