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"Then came near" begins our passage this week.  It refers, in this opening, to Judah's approach to Joseph.  He pleads with his brother to not hold Benjamin captive while they return to Israel because of the reaction their father would have at the loss of Joseph's physical brother after loosing him years ago, according to the story that the remaining brothers had told their father.  Moved with compassion, Joseph can no longer carry on his deception and commands all of the servants to leave him alone with these Israelites who had come seeking food.  In chapter 45, the first verse discloses that Joseph disclosed himself to his brothers.

Now, considering that this man before them was a stranger and an Egyptian one at that, as far as they could tell.  Then for him to tell them who he was must have been incredible.  But this passage has some real deep meaning and implications for the future salvation of all Israel.  You see, according to the Rabbis, just as Joseph revealed himself to the descendents of Jacob, whose name was now Israel, so too will the Messiah reveal Himself to all of Israel's children at His appointed time.

And, furthermore, as Joseph brought his family into the finest land known in the world at that time, as as he provided them with everything they needed and with splendor, so too shall Messiah do for Israel.  To this teaching, I can only add, "Come soon, L-rd Messiah and reveal yourself to Your people, Israel."

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