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Water purifiers: the last blue ocean market in the home appliance industry

Views : 2 Update time : 2022-02-18 16:16:20 The development of the home appliance industry is very mature, and the products in the industry are varied. Home appliances such as refrigerators, TV sets, washing machines, and microwave ovens involve all aspects of life. Each product has a high penetration rate and competition. But there is also a product with a low penetration rate and a great market prospect waiting for investors to tap and develop. That is the water purifier known as "water appliance", and the water purifier is also considered to be the last blue ocean in the home appliance market.

AICKSN water purifier, which ranks among the top ten household water purifiers, believes that it is necessary for investors and consumers to understand the background of water purifiers as a popular venture capital project.

1. Water quality is related to human function and health:Water is the source of life and the most important substance in the human body. The water in the human body accounts for about 60%-70% of the body weight, and various physiological activities of the human body are inseparable from water. It can be seen that the quality of water also determines the function and health of people.

2. The current situation of drinking water pollution makes water purifiers a rigid demandAccording to the official data of the Ministry of Water Resources, in 2013, the fourth, fifth and inferior water bodies in my country that did not meet the drinking water source standards accounted for 31.4%, 68.1% and 68.1% of the rivers, lakes, reservoirs, provincial water bodies and groundwater, respectively. 18.6%, 37.7% and 77.1%, and compared with western developed countries, my country's water pollution is mainly dominated by heavy metals and organic matter.

According to the monitoring of the environmental department, 70% of the surface water in my country has been polluted to varying degrees, and 40% of the water is no longer drinkable. In the countryside, 300 million farmers in China do not have drinking water; about 150 million farmers drink contaminated water.

3. Comparison of water purifiers and traditional water treatment methods

(1) Protection of natural water sources: Due to the serious water pollution caused by the rapid industrial and agricultural development in my country in the early stage, the protection and improvement of water quality will have a long process.

(2)Bottled water: Bottled water is the most popular solution to water pollution today, but there are several shortcomings in bottled water that have not been solved so far: a. Secondary pollution of bottled water. b. The price is high. c. Now the bottled water on the market is mixed and shoddy.

(3)Renovation of process equipment of water works: From the current national conditions, it is difficult to realize the renewal of water works equipment and technology and the overall renovation of water pipe network in a short period of time.

(4)Water purification by household terminal water purifier: The experience of western developed countries shows that the most effective way to solve drinking water safety is to install a water purifier at the household water terminal.

4.The water purifier market capacity of nearly 100 billionThe sales of household water purifiers in western developed countries have reached more than 3 billion US dollars per year, and the penetration rate of smart household water purifiers has reached more than 80%. In my country, the penetration rate of household water purifiers is less than 5%. In most cities and rural areas in my country, water purifiers are still in the introduction stage, and even in developed first-tier cities, the penetration rate is very low. Since the water purifier is a consumable product, the filter element needs to be replaced periodically, and it will be purchased repeatedly and will never be saturated. It can be expected that household water purification products will enter thousands of households like other household appliances. According to expert estimates, the future water purifier market will reach a scale of 100 billion.
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