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Is the commercial water purifier an enlarged version of the household water purifier?

Views : 44 Update time : 2021-12-31 15:00:46 Most people are accustomed to boiling tap water directly for drinking. They feel that after boiling the water, all harmful substances in the water can be killed. This kind of water is safe and drinkable. In fact, boiling water does not kill all harmful substances, but only a part of them.

As more and more people are aware of this problem and pay more attention to drinking water safety, the popularity of water purifiers has increased, and water purifiers have been seen in many different scenarios. For example, the most common household water purifiers in homes, as well as commercial water purifiers that appear in scenarios such as enterprises and factories. But what is the difference between the so-called household water purifier and commercial water purifier?01. Water consumption and application scenarios
Household water purifiers are generally used in homes, and have also been seen in small shops on the street. This kind of direct drinking water purifiers for households are generally suitable for environments with a small number of people drinking water, and the amount of water is not large. However, other water purifiers that simply filter the water source can meet the demand for water such as washing vegetables and grooming at home.Commercial water purifiers are more suitable for environments where there are a large number of people drinking water. In commercial scenarios such as companies and factories, the large number of people drinking water will have higher requirements on the water output and efficiency of the water purifier.

02. Security issues
Compared with household water purifiers, commercial water purifiers are used in environments with a large number of people. Once the equipment has problems, it will not only affect the drinking water problems of more people, but if there are problems such as electricity leakage or scalding, the loss and impact will be caused. Will be bigger, so commercial water purifiers will have higher requirements for safety issues.

03. Durability
The water purifier is a piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance. Whether it is for home or commercial use, it depends on the quality of the product when buying it, as well as after-sales maintenance guarantee. However, because commercial water purifiers are often used in public areas with a large number of people, once the water purifier fails, the number of people involved is too large, so in terms of durability, the requirements for commercial water purifiers will be more stringent. After all, the purchaser I don't want to see a problem with commercial water purifiers, which in turn affects the drinking water problems of so many people.

04. Installation details
Household water purifiers are generally installed in the cabinet under the indoor sink, so there is no need to worry too much about factors such as outdoor low and high temperature affecting the water purifier. Commercial water purifiers are generally installed at a later stage. To ensure safety and convenience, the installation location must be determined by considering electricity, sewage, drinking water, maintenance, and low temperature. Especially in public areas, there will be children coming and going, and accidents such as accidental burns must be prevented.

It can be seen that although the commercial water purifier is an extension of the household water purifier, it is not simply amplifying the household water purifier. In many aspects, the requirements are higher than that of the household water purifier. Many requirements are different.
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