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AICKSN central water softener: small size, big ability

Views : 3 Update time : 2022-01-12 17:01:00 Have you faced all kinds of new housework problems, such as static electricity in clothes, clogged showers with limescale, and white stains on the surface of the faucet, which cannot be wiped off! After a bath, the skin is dry and itchy, and the hair is never smooth.

In fact, while saving money for the family, if you choose the right product, not only the housework efficiency will be doubled, but life will be wonderful, starting from the soft water, AICKSN central water softener mini body, feel the different beauty magic.

Small body, big ability
The body is small, and the softening function is eye-catching. The AICKSN central water softener is small in size, saves space, and can be used in small spaces, breaking the restrictions of the venue.Give yourself a white and bright home, water softener descales and cleans, effectively relieves the scaling of kitchen and bathroom tiles, etc. The clothes you wear are better in texture, easily wash away the dirt on the clothes, the clothes are soft and pure in color, protect the wading appliances, save money and more Save worry, reduce the potential safety hazards and loss of equipment due to scale, soft water bath, you can do SPA at home, soft water bath, shampoo, wash face, smooth and delicate.

High performance, high quality, no need to add salt to save water
High performance - easily meet the whole household water needs, no need to add salt, save water, trustworthy.Part3
Intelligent control system
Intelligent LCD display, real-time display of working status, instantaneous flow and other parameters, full of technology! Don't be afraid of a small kitchen.

Smart Precision Design
Microcomputer intelligent multi-way valve control, intelligent automatic cycle operation of each process, less internal structure pipeline connection, convenient maintenance, worry-free and labor-saving.The water softener is different from the well-known terminal water purifier products. It solves the domestic water that the whole family uses every day. Due to the many pain points and inconveniences brought about by the high hardness, the water quality has been raised to a new comfortable experience.If you attach great importance to skin health, want to refresh your skin condition, and pursue a more comfortable and healthy water experience, then a water softener must be a beauty artifact that can significantly improve your quality of life. Friends who love beauty and life quickly add a water softener to experience the different beauty magic brought by soft water.
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