Quality of life, starting from the whole house water purification_ge rpwfe water filter troubleshooting

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Quality of life, starting from the whole house water purification

Views : 1 Update time : 2022-01-15 15:45:30 Some people buy the best organic vegetables and organic rice, but use unclean water to cook rice and soup. Brand-name clothes that cost a lot of money, but let hard water scale turn them yellow. Use the best coffee, but not enough clean water. With the most expensive skin care products, the face wash is not clean, often not thoroughly.

Are you often troubled by sewage?
Even if the water in the home is not properly turned off, pollutants are still pervasive with the unclean water! Let the quality of life greatly reduced!
The secondary pollution of tap water is the source of the original pollution! Check out some rusted shipping pipes!
If the tap water at home is not clean, how can we guarantee the quality of our life? Times are changing, more and more people have requirements for quality life, and water purification systems have become a rigid need for modern people's lives.

The first step to enjoy a high quality of life: install a pre-filterThe pre-filter is the first level of household water safety. It can effectively filter large particles of impurities such as sediment, rust, and red worms, so that the water when entering the house reaches the standard of tap water when it leaves the factory. Water wading equipment plays a protective role.AICKSN's pre-filter adopts universal joint design, stainless steel filter screen, and the cup body is made of food-grade material, the filtration accuracy is 40-60μm, and it has passed the laboratory water hammer test of 100,000 times of cyclic punching. It is durable, safe and reliable. . The most important thing is that it has intelligent backwash and sewage memory function, so that you can use the water safely and conveniently.

Make your water safer
The second step to enjoy a high-quality life: buy a water purifierAICKSN intelligent water purifier has a built-in third-generation RO membrane with a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 μm, which can efficiently filter out heavy metals, bacteria, impurities, residual chlorine, colloids, etc. No longer worry about the safety of baby's milk, the water for washing vegetables and cooking has also been guaranteed, restoring the original taste of organic vegetables, and comprehensively ensuring the health of family drinking water. (Recommendation: use with quick heating pipeline machine, can adjust the heat and cold, no need to wait for water)

Helps you drink healthier

The third step to enjoy a clean life: feel the "silk" brought by the water softener.
The water softener mainly removes calcium and magnesium ions in water through ion exchange resin, reduces water hardness, fully solves the problem of scale, and makes clothes brighter and skin smoother.
The pre-filter, water purifier and water softener introduced to you are a set of simple and high-quality household water purification solutions, which can easily solve most of our water problems in life. Of course, if you want a more comprehensive water purification solution, you only need a central water purifier and an all-in-one direct drinking machine.

For the water pollution problems mentioned at the beginning, water purifiers can solve them one by one. If we want to enjoy a high-quality life, we must first solve the problem of drinking, so that our health can be guaranteed.
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