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AICKSN water purifier: the reason why the whole house water purification is hot

Views : 1 Update time : 2022-02-21 16:33:46 The safety of drinking water is a topic that most families are concerned about. In fact, water pollution is not only the drinking water imported, but also the water safety of washing and housework will have an impact on human health.

To understand the effect of the whole house water purification system, we must first know the composition of the whole house water purification system. A complete whole house water purification system consists of a pre-filter, a central water purifier, a central water softener and a terminal water purifier. It consists of four parts.


PrefilterIn daily life, due to the old phenomenon of some water supply pipes and secondary pollution, municipal tap water is prone to produce some large particles of impurities, such as sediment and rust, in the process of delivering it to each household.

As the first "protective net" for whole-house water purification, AICKSN pre-filters have a filtration accuracy of 40 microns, which can effectively filter large particles of impurities in the water and prevent clogging. It can also protect the water outlet terminal equipment such as pipes, faucets, and water wading appliances in the family, and prolong the service life of the product.

Considering that ordinary pre-filters will accumulate dirt such as sediment after a period of use, in order to simplify the daily maintenance and cleaning process, AICKSN pre-filters use a fully automatic vortex type quick-cleaning backwash cleaning system, which can simultaneously Scrape and wash the dirt outside the filter screen and the inside of the filter bottle, and wash away the dirt through the vortex quick-cleaning backwash system, without the need to replace the filter element, the product has a long service life and is more worry-free to use.


Central water purifierThe central water purifier is the core of the whole house water purification, and it is also the key equipment to improve the water quality. As a professional water purification solution provider, AICKSN has made great efforts in the central water purifier.

In terms of water purification effect, AICKSN central water purifier uses coconut shell granular activated carbon as the core filter material, which can effectively filter residual chlorine, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, organic pollutants, etc. in tap water, inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae, and at the same time retain Trace elements and minerals beneficial to the human body.

In terms of water treatment capacity, the maximum water supply capacity of AICKSN central water purifier can reach 16L/MIN, which can easily meet the water purification needs of the whole family in terms of drinking, eating, washing and bathing.

In terms of maintenance and cleaning, the AICKSN central water purifier adopts a fully automatic controller, which can set the backwashing time according to the user's usage. Operating costs.


Central water softenerAccording to statistics, at present, China's urban household water contains calcium and magnesium compounds, especially in northern regions, which are also called "hard water". Using this water for a long time will cause many problems, which may lead to rough skin and dry hair after bathing, yellowing and hardening of clothes after washing, and shortening the life of water heaters and other equipment pipelines. The existence of the central water softener can effectively soften the water hardness, keep away from the trouble of scale, and make the water more pure.

In order to effectively solve the problem of high water hardness in the home and improve the quality of domestic water, the AICKSN central water softener replaces calcium, magnesium and other metal ions in the water through the sodium ions in the resin, and adsorbs on the resin to soften the water quality, making bathing and laundry more convenient. Comfortable, while protecting the service life of water-wading appliances such as washing machines at home. In addition, under the control of the water treatment automatic controller, the saturated resin can be regenerated with concentrated brine to restore the exchange capacity and recycled, which is more economical and environmentally friendly.


Terminal water purifierTerminal water purification is directly related to people's daily drinking water, and the safety and health of its water quality is particularly important, and it is also the last line of defense for whole-house water purification.

The direct drinking machine can filter solid impurities, colloids, organic matter, heavy metal ions, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water; retain the original trace elements and dissolved oxygen in the water; effectively reduce various pesticides, lead, mercury, toxaphene, residual Chlorine and its by-products, etc. Realize home-made, ready-made and ready-to-drink, without the drawbacks of buying water and changing water in barrels, which are easy to contaminate. The equipment is directly connected to tap water, drinking on demand, fresh and clean.

How to configure it mainly depends on the water quality of your home, as well as the individual needs and budget of each family. In addition, if your home has poor water quality, has not been renovated and has a sufficient budget, it is recommended to choose a whole-house water purification system, including pre-filters with automatic backwashing, water softeners, water purifiers and direct drinking water machines. If the water quality of your home is very good and you do not need to install the whole system, you can also consider the solution of a pre-filter and a terminal water purifier.
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