AICKSN water purifier: What are the hazards of drinking tap water for a long time?_how to drain water from lg refrigerator

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AICKSN water purifier: What are the hazards of drinking tap water for a long time?

Views : 2 Update time : 2022-02-25 15:07:43 "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016)" pointed out that adults need to consume 1.5-1.7L of water per day. Have you met the standard? Whether you are made of "water", "mud", or "cement", the water in an adult's body accounts for about 60% to 70% of the body weight. Drinking water, water, bathing, washing face every day, who can live without water in our daily life?

However, in today's increasingly serious water pollution, in addition to the "quantity" of water, we should also pay attention to the "quality" of water. We are used to drinking bottled water, have we ever thought that maybe we can drink and use clean water without having to carry water to the house or clean the water dispenser regularly?

Where does the tap water you usually drink come from?

The tap water at home is usually drawn from the water source by the water company, and then goes through pretreatment processes such as coagulant, lime, and pre-chlorination, and then goes through processes such as reaction, precipitation, and filtration to remove impurities and microorganisms in the water. The chlorine is then transported to the user's home by the secondary pumping station.

The pretreatment of the water company can remove most of the heavy metals, microorganisms and other harmful substances in the water, so that the tap water can meet the standard of "living water". However, with the improvement of everyone's living standards, the requirements for tap water are not only limited to the standard of "clean and usable". I believe that many friends have encountered the following problems:

1. Residual chlorine problem

"Residual chlorine in tap water" is believed to have been encountered by many friends. Sometimes when I turn on the faucet, I find that the tap water has a pungent smell of "disinfectant", just like facing a "swimming pool".
This happens mainly because when the tap water is output, the chlorine added twice and the hypochlorous acid formed in the water have no time to volatilize. Too much residual chlorine in the water can also affect the taste of drinking water.

2. Secondary pollution of pipelines

Many old communities with a long history have the problem of aging water pipelines. Not only the old-fashioned metal water pipes will cause the problem of high heavy metal ion content in tap water after corrosion, but also bacteria will breed inside the water pipes that have not been maintained for a long time.
We often see shots of drinking water directly from the tap in American dramas, but the "ancestral" boiled water in our country still occupies an absolute "overlord" position. But in real life, most young people (such as me) do not like hot water. Although it is not difficult to boil water, the process of waiting for the water to cool is really impatient, and boiling water still cannot solve the scale and the aging of pipes. caused by heavy metals.

3. Excellent water quality

In my country, especially in the north, it has always been the hardest hit area with "excellent water quality". Many people living in the north will find that whether it is a kettle for boiling water or a cup for drinking water, scale will remain after a period of use. Although hard water will not affect human health after being boiled, the scale produced will clog water heaters, humidifiers, kettles and other appliances. In addition, long-term use of hard water to wash your hair and face may also affect your hair and skin to some extent.
In order to optimize the drinking experience, many households now have water dispensers installed. However, many people ignore the regular cleaning and maintenance of the water dispenser, and buying and changing water is also a big problem. And in case of black-hearted merchants, you have to worry about the secondary pollution of buckets and water quality. The "black-hearted barrel incident" that has appeared before has caused consumers to have many concerns about bottled water. In addition to drinking water, there may also be annoying problems such as tap water pollution, such as washing vegetables and washing rice.

The answer to this question may still depend on household water purifiers. The development of water purifiers up to now has actually integrated multiple purification functions such as pre-filtration (coarse filtration), adsorption, fine filtration (micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis) into a small box, so that after installation, You don't need to go downstairs, you can drink clean and safe water as soon as you turn on the tap.
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