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To solve the problem of drinking water for the whole family, you only need to do this step

Views : 0 Update time : 2022-03-12 12:01:36 With the development of the Internet age, the post-95s and post-00s have become the main force in the Chinese consumer market. Compared with the older generation of consumers, the consumer demand of this generation has undergone great changes.

As far as drinking water equipment is concerned, many older generation people do not understand why they spend so much money on water purification equipment. Isn't it the same as boiling water? How good is it to be healthy and save money! It's different from childhood Growing up in the age of electronics and the Internet, most parents' traditional beliefs are hard to change. But even so, we still have to pay attention to the issue of drinking water health. How to convince parents to use water purifiers willingly? First of all, let's compare the kettles and water dispensers commonly used by the older generation, as well as the differences in functions and experiences of common water purifiers on the market.

1. Boil the kettle This is actually a relatively primitive and simple way to drink water. In the concept of parents, there is no dirty thing that cannot be solved by boiling it. If there is, it should be boiled several times!However, according to scientific research, there are still various chloride heavy metals, pesticides, pesticide residues, harmful organic substances and other substances in boiled water. In addition, the water that has been boiled many times will contain toxic nitrite, which is a carcinogen! What is more obvious is that the long-term use of the hot water bottle is easy to accumulate scale, causing 2 times of pollution, and the boiled water cannot be immediately Drink, very inconvenient.

In this way, the kettle not only cannot guarantee the water quality, but also has many inconveniences in use.

2. The sanitation problems of bottled water have been exposed many times, and there are also those who directly pour tap water and pretend to be.Even if it is clean bottled water, as long as it is opened, it will come into contact with external bacteria. If it is not finished for more than three days, the number of bacteria inside is unimaginable. In addition to sanitation issues, the cost of bottled water is not low. If you don't believe me, let's do the math. At present, 18L bottled water is about 10 yuan a barrel. According to the frequency of a barrel every three days, the annual cost is about 1200 yuan. It is also a huge sum of money for perennial use! In addition, for the elderly, changing water is also a trouble. You have to wait for the water delivery master to come to your door, and sometimes you have to change it yourself. It is also possible if it flashes to the waist.

There are many types of water purifiers, and there are four common water purifiers on the market:
"Activated carbon water purifier: It uses a large amount of activated carbon as the filter element, which is cheap and easy to install. It is specially designed to filter residual chlorine, organic matter, different colors, odors and other substances in the water, but there are substances in other water quality that cannot be eliminated. Microfiltration water purifier: Using PP cotton, compressed activated carbon, microfiltration membrane, etc. as the filter element, it can filter out rust, sediment, colloid and other 10-micron substances in the water, and the price is slightly more expensive. Ultrafiltration water purifier: more than microfiltration water purifier The ultrafiltration membrane can further purify the water. The purification performance is stronger than the first two, the price is more expensive, and it is weaker than the reverse osmosis water purifier. Produce wastewater. RO reverse osmosis water purifier: This is a water purifier with a reverse osmosis membrane, which can filter viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, scale and other 0.0001 micron substances with high precision. The disadvantage, as I said above, is that there is wastewater Produce. Purification performance comparison: RO reverse osmosis water purifier > Ultrafiltration/microfiltration water purifier > Activated carbon water purifier price comparison: Activated carbon water purifier > Ultrafiltration/microfiltration water purifier > RO reverse osmosis water purifier”

Although the younger generation has become the main force of consumption, the requirements for water purification equipment are still very high. First of all, practicality, it is best to have a machine that can meet a variety of needs, such as boiling water for the elderly to drink tea, warm water for young people to drink, and drinking water for family babies.

Secondly, the quality, the quality filtered out must pass the test to achieve the purpose of direct drinking. Finally, intelligent, contemporary young people like convenient life and prefer intelligent experience. Intelligent electrical appliances make life more technological and can also improve the happiness of daily life.

However, intelligence has brought a lot of troubles to the older generation. In fact, sometimes we find that the older generation is not unable to accept new things, but the intelligent operation is too complicated for them, which makes them more comfortable with the new generation. Things produce an instinctive resistance.

AICKSN table top reverse osmosis heat purifier adopts dual-core four-stage fine filtration, RO membrane filtration accuracy is as high as 99%, which can efficiently filter impurities, dust and harmful substances in water, ensuring that families can obtain pure and high-quality drinking water .At the same time, this is a heatable smart water dispenser with fast heating black technology, which can heat purified water in 1 second without waiting. At the same time, it is also equipped with a variety of thoughtful designs such as water temperature and water output, and has its own memory function, which can be freely chosen by both the elderly and the young.

If you want a high-quality and convenient water purifier, it is enough to choose the AICKSN heat purifier all-in-one machine. One machine can satisfy the drinking water health of the whole family.
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